Meet the Team

Chiropractor Peter Fennelly, D.C.

Chiropractor Whitefish MT Pete Fennelly

Dr. Peter Fennelly is a Flathead Valley Native and couldn’t be happier to be back home and caring for the community in which he grew up in.  Growing up in the valley he sought to take advantage of every outdoor activity that Montana has to offer, whether it was camping, rafting, skiing, hunting, fly fishing, etc. you can believe that every weekend and summer day was an adventure. And with a family of 9 with 7 brothers and sisters, there was never a shortage of adventure companions.  

After graduating from MSU Bozeman with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance, he had the opportunity to move to Alaska for 6 months and work as fly-fishing guide and trophy bear/moose guide apprentice.  This was a lifelong dream that would not only provide him with some of the most memorable outdoor experiences but also provide him with the clarity and drive to pursue a graduate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic. While at Palmer, Dr. Pete participated in many extracurricular seminars to further expand his knowledge within the art of chiropractic.

Attending over 20+ seminars, Dr. Peter was awarded with 100+ hours of training within the Gonstead Methodology Institute. It is a high honor, and one that showed Dr. Pete’s dedication to furthering his skill.  It has also been a passion of Dr. Pete’s to work with other’s and help them grow in themselves and in life.  The memories he formed in the outdoors with his family and friends served as the catalyst to seek the best way in which he could help others build those same memories with their loved ones. Once exposed to the philosophy and healing power of Chiropractic, the decision was simple. 

Dr. Pete practices the Gonstead system utilizing instrumentation, palpation, x-rays, visualization, and patient symptomatology in order to provide a specific manual adjustment that each patient deserves.  At Two Sparrows it is our goal to facilitate the body’s natural healing capabilities so your body may function as its most optimal self to ensure that every moment you choose to share with your loved ones is turned into a memory.

Chiropractor Jordan Fennelly, D.C.

Chiropractor Whitefish MT Dr Jordan

Dr. Jordan was born + raised in Iowa, and loves having roots in the midwest. She's been a practicing chiropractor since 2018 and is honored to provide a holistic option for healing to the community. Dr. Jordan found chiropractic in her late teens when she was dealing with incessant migraines and gut issues. Being introduced to the world of holistic healing opened her eyes to the grandeur and power of the human body.

Learning that we have this incredible healing power within each and every one of us, she began her journey toward becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. She is honored to being able to work alongside the body and delivering specific chiropractic care to the people of her community.

Dr. Jordan holds fast to the truth that finding balance in all things is all rooted in knowing yourself, who you were created to be, and who you serve. As an avid follower of Christ, it is her life mission to use her gifts to their FULLEST, and she's honored and humbled to be serving this community God has placed her in.

Patient Care Coordinator Briana Mix

Chiropractic Whitefish MT Brianna

Briana was born and raised in the beautiful wine country of Northern California, however, she always dreamt of seeing the world outside of her small town. After traveling to 4 countries and seeing half of the US, she found her way to Montana and it quickly became home. Briana loves to live a healthy, holistic and active lifestyle - spending much of her time outdoors, playing music and traveling whenever she can. She is passionate about loving people and is excited to be working with Dr. Pete & Dr. Jordan, while getting to know the wonderful community of Flathead Valley!


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