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Chiropractor Whitefish MT Peter And Jordan Fennelly With Darika Team
Chiropractor Whitefish MT Peter Fennelly Meet The Team

Peter Fennelly, D.C.

Dr. Peter Fennelly is a Flathead Valley Native and couldn’t be happier to be back home and caring for the community in which he grew up in.  Growing up in the valley he sought to take advantage of every outdoor activity that Montana has to offer, whether it was camping, rafting, skiing, hunting, fly fishing, etc. you can believe that every weekend and summer day was an adventure. And with a family of 9 with 7 brothers and sisters, there was never a shortage of adventure companions.  

After graduating from MSU Bozeman with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance, he had the opportunity to move to Alaska for 6 months and work as fly-fishing guide and trophy bear/moose guide apprentice.  This was a lifelong dream that would not only provide him with some of the most memorable outdoor experiences but also provide him with the clarity and drive to pursue a graduate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic. While at Palmer, Dr. Pete participated in many extracurricular seminars to further expand his knowledge within the art of chiropractic.

Attending over 20+ seminars, Dr. Peter was awarded with 100+ hours of training within the Gonstead Methodology Institute. It is a high honor, and one that showed Dr. Pete’s dedication to furthering his skill.  It has also been a passion of Dr. Pete’s to work with other’s and help them grow in themselves and in life.  The memories he formed in the outdoors with his family and friends served as the catalyst to seek the best way in which he could help others build those same memories with their loved ones. Once exposed to the philosophy and healing power of Chiropractic, the decision was simple. 

Dr. Pete practices the Gonstead system utilizing instrumentation, palpation, x-rays, visualization, and patient symptomatology in order to provide a specific manual adjustment that each patient deserves.  At Two Sparrows it is our goal to facilitate the body’s natural healing capabilities so your body may function as its most optimal self to ensure that every moment you choose to share with your loved ones is turned into a memory.

Chiropractor Whitefish MT Jordan Fennelly Meet The Team

Jordan Fennelly, D.C.

Dr. Jordan Fennelly is an Iowa native, and moved to Montana in 2018 upon graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She found chiropractic in her late teens, due to a variety of health issues, including digestive upset, migraines, cystic acne, and neck pain. Witnessing the massive change in her own health, propelled her forward toward pursuing a chiropractic education. During her time at Palmer, she was a part of the renowned Troxell Intern Program in Eldridge, Iowa.

She was an intern at the clinic for multiple years learning the in's and out's of x-rays, case management, practice management, patient education and communication, and overall office procedures. While she wasn't working at the clinic or with her own patients in the student clinic at Palmer, she was an extracurricular class instructor for other students going through Palmer, teaching Troxell classes every weekend on x-ray analysis, palpation, adjusting technique, and case management. She taught for multiple years in the intern program and was additionally a Peripheral Nervous System Class tutor, and a Gross Anatomy cadaver lab tutor through the schools PASS program.

During her time as a Troxell Intern, she completed over 100 hours of extra curricular education through the Gonstead Methodology Institute. These seminars were focused on training future chiropractors the skills necessary to analyze and adjust patients using the Gonstead Method. This time at the intern program is the most cherished and valued part of Dr. Jordan's schooling experience, for it's where she truly learned what she needed to be able to confidently provide top quality chiropractic care to her future patients.

Dr. Jordan also takes a special interest in the perinatal and pediatric population. She's Webster Certified through the ICPA (a specific analysis and technique tailored toward the pregnant patient). She is also in the process of becoming a BIRTHFIT leader, gaining tools and expertise to better serve the pregnant and postpartum patients she serves. Dr. Jordan has 100+ hours of additional training in pediatric chiropractic case management and adjusting, in palate work with infants (palate issues can be highly attributed to breastfeeding challenges), and breastfeeding + lactation education.

It's a passion of Dr. Jordan's to equip her patients with the tools they need to embark on the journey of healing. Through assessing multiple avenues of health (dietary choices, mental stress, physical trauma), she takes a holistic view of the human body and its function. Our bodies are intelligent and wonderfully designed to heal, when we remove the stressors upon them and give them time to do so. She values connection and relationship with her patients, and it's a high priority of hers to ensure that each and every patient feels truly cared for in the office.

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