Skin Conditions in Whitefish MT

Skin Conditions in Whitefish MT

Chiropractic Whitefish MT Skin Conditions

Skin conditions in Whitefish MT? Skin conditions are on the rise, more now than ever before. With over 31 million Americans suffering from eczema, a solution is essential.

In understanding the solution, we first have to identify the CAUSE. Eczema, and any skin change for that matter, is a multifaceted inflammatory condition.

The answer lies in the nervous system.

Our gut health, immune balance, and skin health are all facilitated by our nervous system. When there is stress in our nervous system, it will affect how reactive our immune system is, and how optimally our gut digests and absorbs nutrients, which in turn will affect our skin health. The skin is the window to the gut. If our digestion is off, the skin will likely reflect this!

So, how do we get to the bottom of this? We first have to remove the stress from our nervous system, to allow our immune system and GI tract to heal. With optimal function restored, the healing process can begin!!!! There are multiple areas in the spine that can stress out the digestive system AND immune system. Balance can be restored when you receive SPECIFIC chiropractic adjustments that are unique to your spine.

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